Our approach

The applied minds consulting group uses science to understand human behaviour. By employing empirical research from psychology, sociology, anthropology, neuroscience and business, we help individuals reach their full potential and enhance their performance in life, work and sport.

We partner with our clients and employ a rigorous scientific methodology to understand their unique needs. This approach enables us to deliver tailored, evidence-based solutions that lead to meaningful, sustainable and measurable results.

We are a values-based organisation, with a team of authentic individuals who are guided by our shared beliefs and purpose in everything that we say and do.

What do we do?

Leading Minds

Leadership Development

Our leadership program is designed to help people improve self-awareness, understand their unique leadership style and develop key fundamentals, such as setting a vision and shared purpose, leading culture change, improving communication, and motivating others.

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Resilient Minds

Resiliency Skills Development

Drawing on research from positive psychology, and strategies from cognitive behavioural therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy, our resilient minds program teaches a range of skills that can be used for coping with difficult situations, thoughts and emotions.

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Why partner with us?

Our solutions combine science and applied knowledge with a genuine interest in improving an individual’s wellbeing, leadership capability and performance.

Who can we help?

Any organisation or sporting group aiming to improve their level of performance.

About us

The applied minds team have knowledge and experience in psychology, organisational development, business and professional sport. Learn more about us